Inland Northwest Longsword Academy

Spokane's Premier HEMA School


We study the tradition of Kunst des Fechten (Art of Fencing), which emphasizes practice of longsword, quarterstaff/spear, dussack/messer, and wrestling/dagger. Beginners are always welcome and your first practice is free!

Regular practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. New students are encouraged to reach out by email for our practice times and location.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to exercise in and bring a water bottle.

INLA is a proud member and sponsor of the HEMA Alliance and HROARR, both of which provide the resources necessary to pursue our studies.

INLA is a proud member of Fighters Against Racism. Historically the martial tradition in Europe has been an inclusive one; the European in HEMA refers to the countries in which the techniques were practiced. It never was and never should be the basis for inclusion of or exclusion of those wishing to study.